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   No orders come with matting or framing.

All Names are hand painted. 

 You can choose any creatures, as long as they are not copywrited characters. 

Give shipping 2-3 weeks

I will email you tracking when I send


$20.00 First Initial 5x7"

Choose 1 animal, the rest is written in calligraphy pen, I add a tiny decoration on the top


$20.00 Hearts 8x8"

Your Names are written above. Any 2 animals are made into a heart. A special date can be added.


$40 Any Name 8-12 Letters Apx 8x28"

Choose your theme! Any Creatures!


$35.00 Any Name 1-8 Letters Apx 8x28"

Choose your theme, any creatures!


$40.00 Family Special apx 8"x28"

An entire group all together! Each person can choose their animal!


$25.00 2 Name Initials apx 8x28"

Choose a creature for each of you, a special date or heading can be added, Couples get a heart sunset. 

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 Thank you!