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Leatherbrushes Are Coming Soon

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The future of @leatherbrushlady calligraphy leatherbrushes. For those who are wondering what these are, here is a little background from my perspective. (There are other artists that do this, and may have more information, or see this artform differently.)
Leatherbrush calligraphy can be found on street corners of big cities, in tropical destinations and in many theme parks. There are no books written on this artform yet, and no official history page about it recorded online. To sum up this skill, Leather is used to create simple lines and natural forms as lettering. Often names are created for customers out of their favorite animals. I do know, traditionally birds, mountains, and fauna were all that should be used, as this artform is all about SPEED and SIMPLICITY.
I have been practicing this form of calligraphy for many years and have made such a wonderfully fun living visiting all kinds of festivals, markets, theme parks, and presently my home base is at the Tampa Zoo most weekends and holidays. Often I am asked from other calligraphers and artists: what are you painting with? I do this calligraphy the traditional way, with leather. Why leather? The leather gives your calligraphy creatures and fauna this amazing dry brush depth, color and line quality unmatched by any other brush material. The leather also soaks up the paint perfectly so speed and simplicity are easily achieved. 
Also: leather lasts for years!
Anyway, After working so long with crowds of the general public, I often wondered,  How can anyone else learn the meditative art of leatherbrush calligraphy without these brushes being readily available? Calligraphy in general seems to be a dying artform, and calligraphy with leatherbrushes is even more rare. Well, after a few years of visualizing this idea and letting it evolve in my mind, I decided to bring it to life after someone stole a few of my brushes out of my booth. 

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